AGVs, Some Details

AGV, automated guided vehicle or automatic guided vehicle

Vehicles which are often used in industrial applications, a manufacturing facility or warehouse, for moving material.

The AGV follows wire or markers in the floor, in some applications it uses vision or lasers or other (GPS) navigation technology.

From the late 20th century on application of the automatic guided vehicle has broadened. Using AGV is not restricted to industrial environments.

AGVs reduce costs and increase efficiency by helping to automate a manufacturing process or a warehouse.

Automated guided vehicles are now employed in a wide range of industry, including, metals, newspaper, general manufacturing, pulp and paper. Material transport such as linen, food, and medicine in hospitals are done as well.

AGVs can also be called self-guided vehicles (SGV), laser guided vehicles (LGV) or Automated Guided Carts (AGCs). The German name is FTS, Fahrerlose Transportsysteme, the Swedish förarlösa truckar.

Article is based on Wikipedia, AGVs

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