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Heavy-duty, railless, multi-directional movable, flat transport car, AGV - HeavyFlatCar

Together with our partner company Green Motion we offer a new developed, railless, multi - directional movable transport system, capable of carrying heavy loads, flat designed and suitable as heavy duty AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) .  

Our HeavyFlatCar is characterized by a remarkable flat design, a height of only 420 mm together with the capability of lifting and moving heavy payloads up to 800 kN (80 t). 

The new developed, patented wheel drive system allows movements to all sides, longitudinal, lateral and diagonal, turning on the spot and exact positioning within mm range, with or without load. 

The HeavyFlatCar is able to operate on any kind of concreted surfaces, unevenness, smaller openings, fissures and cracks, even a slight inclination of the surface is tolerated. The number and configuration of the wheels ensures a low pressure on the floor surface. 

An integrated, rechargeable battery unit ensures autonomic operation, without interfering wires, cables or supply lines. 

The control system works manually operated, by choice half or fully automatic and is wireless connected. If required, the HeavyFlatCar can be upgraded to a vehicle with full AGV functionality.    

HeavyFlatCar has similar properties as an air cushion transport system like multi-directional movability, low surface pressure and a high carrying capacity. Furthermore it brings additional advantages like uncomplicated operation even on sub-optimal surfaces, avoiding of blowing up of dust (means reduced carryover of contamination by dust), a nearly noiseless drive system and no umbilical for the compressed air means no restrictions of the movability.

Investments for purchasing and maintenance of a compressed air system are obsolete, frequently maintenance of the floor surface as well. 

We optimize our HeavyFlatCar for the particular requirements, the configuration will be custom made.   

Different applications such as an hydraulic lifting system, adaptors for different cargos, machine carriers, a laser or a GPS- guiding system are capable to be integrated in the basic platform, alternative drive concepts are feasible if required. 

For example the configuration with a laser positioning system, working together with the drive system, allows an exact positioning of the HeavyFlatCar within a +- 3mm range. 

We offer the HeavyFlatCar in different weight classes with a carrying capacity of 12, 20, 30, 50 and 80 t.  

Technical data Heavyflatcar 800 (800 kN carrying capacity)

Length                                                              6.000 mm

Width                                                               3.300 mm

Height                                                                 420 mm

Tare weight                                                       9.700 kg

Carrying capacity                                                  800 kN

Drive capacity                                                        16 kW 

Operating speed                                               max. 0,2 m/s

Capacity accumulator ca. 5 working hours with maximum payload                                   

Surface pressure at maximum load                  40 N/mm²

Stroke hydraulic lifting unit                                according to project


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